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 2014 Combine Thread

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Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

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PostSubject: 2014 Combine Thread   February 23rd 2014, 10:12 am

Not sure how many of you watch and/or dissect the combine. I'm sure lutzz does, but anyone else?

Anyway, you hear a lot about he bug guys everyone was expecting to do well, Robinson, Matthews, Ebron so I'm not going to talk about them, but I do have a few guys that I really did like that raised their stock yesterday imo.

Let's start with the OL:

Taylor Lewan, I know he was considered a late 1st rounder, but the athleticism he showed yesterday may raise him considerably. He was one of the top performers in the 40, Vert, Broad Jump and 3 cone. Knew he was good, but was surprised at how athletic.

Joel Bointonio, knew a little about him, but after what I saw I am going to look for film on him since he was athletically impressive as he ran a sub 5 40, and finished among the top guy sin the Vert, Broad, 3 cone and the 2 yard. Not sure if he is a tackle or a guard, but I think he could possibly play both.

A couple of other guys that surprised me were Gabe Ikard and Wesley Johnson.

I pretty much got what I expected from the TE guy, the top guys didn't do anything to hurt themselves, but I came away raving about CJ Fiedorowicz fro Iowa. I know he was considered in the next group from the top guys, but he may have pushed his way into the group with his performance. He was knocked for being non-athletic, straight line, all the sstuff they typically say about white TE's, well he came out as one of higher graded guys with a decent 40, big hands, and at or near the top in the 30 cone, 20 yard. Liked what I saw from him a lot.

QB's today boys!
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Ed Hochuli #85

Ed Hochuli #85

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PostSubject: Re: 2014 Combine Thread   February 24th 2014, 10:49 am

Unfortunately I do not watch the Combine with as close an eye as you or Lutzz, so your commentary is always appreciated. So I will ask any of you who watch (dissect) the Combine, how much stock would talent evaluators place on this as compared to the Senior Bowl or the tape from the college season? Guys at the Combine may be physical freaks but isn't the old saying, "the tape doesn't lie?" Or phrasing it a different way, do the talent evaluators, GM's have their "boards" relatively set in stone and how much can the Combine help or hurt a player after all the game tape, Senior Bowl performances, Bowl games, etc. they already have on a particular player?

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PostSubject: Re: 2014 Combine Thread   February 24th 2014, 11:28 am

I don't watch much of the combine. I am in the tape doesn't lie camp but I do pay attention to the cone, shuttle, vertical and broad jump. I have no idea what the 40 and the bench press have to do with football. Unfortunately Feidorowicz looked very good. I had been hoping he would be available in the third. Niklas was the guy I had in the second based on his play but he was so un athletic in the drills I'm not sure if he is even worth a 4th.
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Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

Number of posts : 5434

PostSubject: Re: 2014 Combine Thread   February 24th 2014, 11:06 pm

I love the combine because it gets me to go back and look at film of certain guys that I don't get to see much of. The tape should always be the thing, but seeing these guys work out gives you some insight on what to look at. See if they had issues on film that can be coached or if they are just Taylor mays types who look like Tarzan...... you know the rest.
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PostSubject: Re: 2014 Combine Thread   

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2014 Combine Thread
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