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 Pre-Super Bowl Packers Mock

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Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

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Pre-Super Bowl Packers Mock Empty
PostSubject: Pre-Super Bowl Packers Mock   Pre-Super Bowl Packers Mock EmptyJanuary 29th 2013, 11:13 am

I was just clowning around last night and came up with this draft for the Packers, I know it's early and I've never really done this as soon as this before so I am sure it will look nothing like this after the combine, but what the hell right?

1. Kevin Minter LB LSU - The kind of inside thumper with a mean streak this D needs badly.
2. Eddie Lacy RB Alabama - Need pick, period.
3. Travis Frederick C/G Wisconsin - Versatrile interior offenswive lineman.
4. Jamie Collins OLB Southern Miss - Ourside pass rush remains a desperate need to take pressure off of CMIII.
5. Michael Williams TE Alabama - Big, strong, quick, good hands, need a replacement for Finley.
6. Kwame Geathers DT Georgia - Massive, tall, strong beast that we need up front.
7. Dustin Hopkins K Florida State - Need I mention Mason Crosby and his miserable 2012 again?

Lots of holes of course, no one in the secondary and I cannot see that happening, but this is what I have. Feel free to poke holes.
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Pre-Super Bowl Packers Mock Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pre-Super Bowl Packers Mock   Pre-Super Bowl Packers Mock EmptyFebruary 17th 2013, 1:05 pm

I just saw this. I automatically log into Daily droppings. I think we are small enough that we don't need all these other groups. Anyway.....

Even though I would love it if it were true, I don't think Lacy makes it to 52 or Frederick to 75. I think Lacy is late 1st early 2nd. Frederick mid 2nd to mid 3rd. Also don't forget we will get a 3rd or a 4th for Flynn so you can add another name to your list.
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Pre-Super Bowl Packers Mock
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